It’s Been Too Long Part II

30 Oct

The waiting was killing me.  Then I saw a text pop up on my phone.  A text with a picture.  It was a selfie of my wife and her new friend at a nice restaurant, pressed up against each other.  He was kissing her neck.  She was smiling and looking very happy.  I was starting to think this was a bad idea.  She was maybe thinking the same thing because a few minutes later.  It said, “I love you.  You are my true soulmate.  I can’t wait to see you at home!”  That helped take the sting from the message and reassure me that things were still OK.  She was just having fun.  She deserved it!  She doesn’t get a lot of time with real men and I was happy that she found someone and was safe and happy.  The afternoon and evening went on and she sent a few more photos.  The last was of them on the dance floor, bodies pressed tightly, his hands on her hips, her hand resting on his chest, their lips and tongues touching.  I could see where this was going.  About an hour later I got a simple text that said, “I love you!!!!”  At about two AM, my phone rang and woke me up.  It was my wife.  She was whispering into the phone as I struggled to wake up.  She told me she just wanted to say hi and to tell me that she loved me.  She also wanted to thank me and make sure that I was OK. I told her I was fine and asked about her night.  She told me it was thrilling.  She told me she wanted me to touch myself as she told me what happened.  I eagerly obliged.  As I touched myself, she told me how they dance and she could feel him hard against her.  She said she was so wet and when they sat at the table, she told him that she had taken off her panties.  She said that she let him play with her pussy while they sipped drinks.  She told me how she whispered in his ear that she wanted to suck his cock. They paid and went to his room where she fulfilled her promise.  I asked if he came in her mouth and she said no, that she wanted him to be ready to do that inside her.  Needless to say I was getting close and she told me to hold on until she finished recounting her story which was nearly over.  She said he picked her up and eased her down on his cock.  She describe how big he felt and how she’d never felt that way with me.  She talked about how strong he was, so much stronger than me.  She felt filled and completely gave into his manhood.  She said he leaned her up against a wall and drilled her to multiple orgasms.  She described how he then threw her on the bed and told her he was about to cum and she begged him to cum inside her.  So he did.  Then she whispered to me that she wanted me to cum think about him cumming insider her as she came.  So I did. It was incredible. I don’t think I had ever cum so hard.  She purred quietly into the phone as I did.  She told me she loved me and that she had to go.  She said they were ready for round two!  We hung up as I still panted and recovered.


It’s been too long

24 Oct

I wish I hadn’t taken such a long break from writing here.  There are a thousand stories I could have told, and still may.  The details have faded, but the important moments still stick in my head.  I guess I am starting to write again because things hang in a certain balance right now.  The fact remains that I am a cuckold to my wife.  In fact she went to Las Vegas a couple of weekends ago and came back with some serious hickies.  She and a female friend decided on the spur of the moment that they wanted to spend a couple of nights in Vegas and just go a bit wild.  I helped her pack and we both giggled when she took off her wedding ring and put it in her jewelry box.  She told me she’d be more likely to get free drinks with out it.  We both knew what she really meant.  That along with those drinks comes dancing, flirting, kissing, groping, and eventually all different kinds of sex.  I got a text on their first night there.  I think I met someone.  Then I didn’t hear from her until late the next day.  She texted, “I think I may have kissed someone last night. :D”  I was, of course, very excited about the news and couldn’t wait to hear more.  I tried to call, but she didn’t answer.  I wondered if she was still with him.  I waited anxiously until she finally called. I picked up her call before the first ring could end.  She told me she met a very nice and handsome man.  I asked her to tell me about him.  She said he was tall, maybe 6′ 2″ or 6′ 3″.  Much taller than me.  He was a lawyer in Austin and she told me that he was very fit and working out was one of his passions.  He was born in Mexico and had moved to the US when he was young.  He was a great dancer and the two spent time talking, having some cocktails and dancing.  She told me that as the night went on, their physical connection got stronger.  They touched more.  He leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back.  They left the dance floor and found a dark corner with another drink and squeezed in next to each other.  Her touches lingered on his arms and legs as they talked.  He began stroking her thigh and kissing her periodically.  She said things moved pretty quickly as their excitement mounted.   She said her hand inched up his leg as they kissed until she started stroking him through his pants. She said he was very hard and big.  She told me that she was so wet that he could probably smell her sex.  She stopped him there and asked if they could go somewhere a little more private and he took her up to his room.   She went into detail about how he picked her up in the room and kissed her and groped her while she pulled off his shirt and worked off his pants.  She made sure to tell me, again, that when she released his cock from his clothes, that he was very big.  She knows me so well.  Needless to say she blew him for a while until he decided that he wanted to be inside her.  She told me it was mind-blowing and she loved every second of it.  I asked if she stayed all night.  She admitted that she did and had just gotten back to her room.  Her female friend had also met someone and had gone back out to meet with some friends who were in Las Vegas at the same time.  I asked if what the bunch of them were going to do tonight and she hesitated before telling me that she was hungry and her friend had just eaten, and that she didn’t want to eat alone, so…….she had already made plans to meet up with her new friend.  What?!  I was shocked.  She usually just does short little physical flings with guys and moves onto the next or just has fun with her friends.  I was a little hurt, but I didn’t say anything.  I was also very excited for her. I want her to be happy.  I was also swimming in my own arousal and excitement.  We hung up so she could shower and prepare for her date.  About an hour later, she texted me her photo.  She had brought the outfit I had given her as sort of a way to spice up or life at home.  It was an off-white fitted dress that was very short with silky nylon accents (I’m terrible at describing fashion).  I was something I imagined she’d wear at home and we could have some fun and romantic time together.  Instead, she took it to Las Vegas and is wearing it out with another man!  She is so devious and I love her!  Her outfit included some hot strappy heels and she had done her makeup in the way she knows I think is sexiest.  I was enjoying this as much as her, but still agonizing at the same time.  I had to chill out, so I had a glass of white wine.  And I waited for the next report from my wife.

To be continued…

Out with the old, in with the new

30 Dec

My wife woke up this morning and informed me that today is the day. We will be heading to the mall to replace our old panties with new pairs. Can’t wait to select all the new colors and styles with my wife. She’ll usually tease me in public by holding pairs up to me and telling me they’ll look pretty on me. Or she’ll pick a particularly tiny pair and tell me I’m so tiny that I’ll have no problem fitting. I’m very excited and just wanted to share.

In other news, my wife went out for lunch with her ex (sorta) boyfriend yesterday. He gave her a gift. When she got home she told me that since he spent all that money and time choosing the perfect gift, the least she could do was try it on for him. I hope she lets me see her in it. It is so beautiful.

New Twist, Same Result

14 Dec

So my wife has decided that she’s very interested in women lately.  She woke up one morning, all hot and said that she had a dream that a woman had gone down on her.  She told me that she needed to make that happen as soon as possible.  She made it quite clear that I was not to participate, but I could be there to watch and learn.  I read through the lines and realized it was up to me to make this happen.  So now I find a somewhat different scenario, but still the cuck in the situation.

Some of you may disagree, but as far as I’m concerned, being cucked is being cucked whether you partner is with a man or a woman.  Basically to remind me that I am an inadequate lover in one way or another and that I am extremely good a fulfilling the role of a cuck that my wife needs in order to achieve complete satisfaction.

So to help my wife find her newest fling, I went online, talked to some lesbian friends, and got the word out.  I found some people interested and presented them to my wife.  She was very pleased with my work and thought it was sweet of me to take the initiative to get her the things she needs.  I set up a happy-hour drink for my wife and the interested suitor to see if the two got along and had some chemistry.

They met and got along better than expected. So now I am being cucked by my wife and her female lover.  I’m stuck in limbo.  Not big enough to please my wife as a man, and not talented enough to match the skills of a woman to please her as a woman.  The important thing is that she’s happy and I love it!

Still At It

8 Oct

After getting dressed up, we had a little time to have a glass of wine while we waited.  She knew how excited I was and I knew how excited she was, but we didn’t talk about it.  We talked about groceries, and plans for the weekend, and getting a new chair for the living room.  It was painful and tremendous.  Her phone buzzed and he texted that he had  arrived. She picked up her clutch and kissed me goodbye.  I watched through the third story window as he greeted her outside the car with a hug and a small kiss on the lips and a lingering touch on her arms down to her hands.  He opened the car door for her and jogged around to the drivers seat and they were off.  The image of their embrace, in front of all the neighbors, is etched in my brain.  It made me feel so submissive, so little, so feminine, and so hot.  I was thinking of calling her and telling her not to do it, but I knew that it was already too late for that.  I waited for her impatiently.  I passed the time by doing some grooming. I waxed, shaved,  plucked and trimmed all the hair on my body.  I gave myself a pedi and even put on some make-up.  I figured if my wife was out having fun, then I could at least have some fun too.  I’d be ready to be her little sissy when she arrived home.  I put on some pretty panties and a matching nightie.  I sent a text asking her if she was having fun and didn’t get a response until a couple of hours later.  It was just a wink-smilie face emoticon.  It was late and I was falling asleep in our bed, trying to stay awake until she arrived home.  My phone woke me up when I got a text that she was on her way home.  it had to be close to 2AM.  I went to the window to watch for their arrival.  About 10 minutes later, his car pulled up and parked.  The engine stopped and the lights went out.  I could see parts of them in the car.  It looked like they were just talking.  Then I could see her leaning over him.  Soon there was no doubt that the were kissing and groping.  The windows of the car started to fog and I had trouble seeing them.  I was so tormented because I wanted to see!  I was so close! At the same time, that was my wife in that car!  I looked at myself and felt so inadequate as a male. I didn’t even look male.  It’s no wonder my wife is down there, I thought.  I also thought that this is something that we’ve both wanted.  I’m sure she knew I was watching from above and getting excited by the thought of it.  There was obviously some intense action happening in the car.  I could hear my wife’s muffled groans of ecstasy. I’d occasionally see her hand or foot press and smudge the foggy glass.  I lost all track of time and watched and listened intently for at least 30 minutes. Finally, he got out of the car and walked around to let her out.   She fixed her wrinkled dress and hair as she stepped out of the car and glanced up to the window where I was watching them.  He pulled her close and kissed her long and deep kiss before slowly letting her go.  I heard the door and her steps up the stairs.  I waited anxiously.  I wondered how she’d respond to what I was wearing.  I greeted her at he door and she handed me her clutch and gave me a deep kiss and told me she loved me.  I looked at her clutch and saw the panties she had been wearing earlier in the bag.  I pulled them out and took them to the laundry.  I could smell her juices on them and they were damp to the touch.  I put her clutch away. I could tell she was a bit tipsy so I got her some water and lead her into the bedroom. She asked for my help to undress and she caressed and touched me as I did.  She told me I looked pretty.  We fell on the bed together and she pushed me onto her pussy where I went to work.  I asked her about her night and if she had been a whore and that got her going. She told me how she had been such a whore and that it was so amazing and that I had never fucked her like that and on and on until she had an amazingly intense orgasm. She pulled me close and we cuddled and she played with my nipples and she fell asleep.  I couldn’t sleep.  Thinking about all the things that had happened.  Since then, we’ve not really talked about it directly; however, she has made many comments and references to it and to me.  I’m not sure where we go from here.  She did mention at dinner last night that she might meet the ex for lunch next week.  We will see.  Yikes!!

He’s back and they’re back at it

2 Oct

So my wife’s ex is back in the picture again. The two of them got together for lunch last week.  Leading up to the day she was so excited.  He hadn’t called to confirm and she was a bitchy mess with me.  She was short and took out his lack of communication on me. He finally called her and they confirmed their lunch date.  She was so excited, but she didn’t say so directly.  I could tell because her entire demeanor changed.  I decided to surprise her with a new outfit, so I went to the little shop in our neighborhood where I know she loves the clothes and chose a very sexy, shortish dress, stockings, and some super-sexy matching heels for her.  I had it gift-wrapped and brought and surprised her the night before her lunch date.  She gave me that knowing look and gave me a long kiss as a thank you.  The morning of the lunch date, she dressed in her a very sexy skirt suit and did her make up a little more sexy than she usually does for work.  I was disappointed that she didn’t wear the outfit I had bought her, but she still looked super-hot and ready to impress.  She texted me just before heading out to lunch that she was on her way and excited to see him.  I waited anxiously to hear back from her while they were on their lunch.  It wasn’t until two hours later that she texted me saying they had a great time and that they didn’t have enough time to catch up entirely so they made plans to meet for drinks and dinner the same evening!  My heart raced as I tried to wrap my head around what she had just told me.  They had another date, tonight!  I was already home, cleaning the house like I usually do on Thursday afternoons, when she arrived home.  She playfully slapped my butt and gave me a kiss and told me to come talk to her in the bedroom when I was done cleaning.  I couldn’t wait to hear about her date, so I hurriedly finished my chores and ran up to the bedroom to hear the details.  She was in the shower when I got there so I undressed quickly and hopped in with her.  She was a little surprised, but saw my excitement and laughed at me.  My, it’s looking so small today, she teased and gave it a little slap.  I washed her hair and body and watched as she shaved her legs and pussy. All the while telling me about her date.  She admitted that she forgot how handsome he was and how much fun they had together.  One of the things they loved to do was to go dancing. She was so excited to finally have her best dance partner back.  On more than one occasion she has told me how erotic it is to dance with a good dance partner.  She told me that he would pick her up in at 7 and they’d go for a drink, have some dinner, and then dance at the same club where they would go when they dated.  We got out of the shower and she used me as her assistant to get her ready for her night out.  I fetched her brush, helped her dry and style her hair, helped choose her make up and laid out her clothes for her once she told me what she would be wearing.  She asked me to pull out a new matching bra and panty set that she had recently purchased.  I thought they were so sexy and then she asked me to pull out the new dress and shoes that I had purchased for her the day before. I was so excited to see her in it.  Once she had put everything together, it was all I could do not to jump her right then and there, but she gently pushed me away and told me that she didn’t have time now, but maybe my little thing would get lucky later.

To be continued…

He’s back!

11 Sep

After a couple of quiet months, I finally have some exciting cuckolding news. My wife has been her usual flirty self, talks about past lovers, complains about my size, and focusing a bit more on feminizing me in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.  But she came home last night to tell me that her ex had broken up with his girlfriend.  The first person he calls when he is single is my wife.  He actually sent her some pictures from times when they were together.  One was of a bottle of liquor from a bar where they liked to party and dance. The other was of them dancing. The held each other tightly, both we sweating, their foreheads touching, lips very close to touching.  He held her tightly around her lower back, almost on her ass.  Her hips were pressed tightly against his.  I immediately got excited and I could see that she was too.  She told me innocently that they had made plans to go for lunch next week and then meet up for some drinks after work as well.  I can only imagine what is going to happen!  I will be sure to share any details.